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The Coco Chin Story

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. Turning vegan 5 years ago encouraged me to experiment with different flavours and cuisines. Although I had been introduced to new foods I still missed some old dishes and snacks that I loved. My mum's Chin-Chin was one of those foods. Chin-Chin is a Nigeria sweet biscuit snack. My mum's original recipe was not vegan so I could no longer eat it. This inspired me to tweak and veganise her recipe so that I could enjoy it again. Our company's name comes from coconut palm sugar used in my first recipe and the chin an ode to the original recipe name. 


The chin-chin recipe has inspired me to develop nutritious snack options that are suitable for most dietary needs from gluten-free to paleo. I


Our first product is Tiger Nuts. A root vegetable, superfood, which grows in Spain and parts of West Africa. We have added a unique flavour to this nutrient-packed snack which, is sure to tantalize your taste buds.


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Cinnamon & Ginger

Our first product is the Nut-Free Nut, Coco Chin Tiger Nuts. Tiger Nuts are a nutrient-dense superfood. The Tiger Nut is grown in Spain and parts of West Africa and is actually a root vegetable. They get their name from their outer shell which is reminiscent of the stripes on a Tiger. They also have a distinct nutty taste. 


We at Coco Chin have enhanced the flavour of the Tiger Nut with clean, simple and organic ingredients. 

Great Taste and Unique Flavours.” 

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